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Set Up the Environment Hub from a partner account

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

In this blog post, we will learn how to enable the AppExchange partner tools for your existing Salesforce org, tools like the Environment Hub.

The Environment Hub application is required in order to associate related orgs, and it is used for creating orgs for testing your application before publishing it on the AppExchange. It lets you view, connect, create, and log in to multiple Salesforce organizations from one chosen location: the Hub.


With the Environment Hub you can:

  • Create new organizations for development, testing and demos.

  • Connect existing organizations with automatic discovery of parent and child organizations

  • View all of my organization's expiration dates in one place

  • Log in to the connected organizations from one location, with optional support for single-sign on (SSO)

Step 1 | Preliminary Work

You must be an active system administrator authorized on behalf of this organization to request this feature. If you’re an ISV partner, you can skip these steps because your Environment Hub is already installed in your Partner Business Org.

First of all, choose the org that your team uses most frequently as your hub org, or create an Developer Environment Org from this link.

Then, get the Organization ID of the instance where you would like this feature enabled.

Navigate to Setup | Search for "Company Information” in the Quick Find Box | Company Information | Organization ID).

Optionally, set up and deploy “My Domain” (recommended in order to enable Single Sign On settings to the connected orgs in the Hub Organization).

Step 2 | Log a Case

  1. Log in to the Salesforce Partner Community.

  2. Click the question icon and then click Log a Case for Help.

  3. Provide these details:

    • Subject: Enable Environment Hub

    • Description: Please enable Environment Hub in this Salesforce org.

    • Product: Service

    • Topic: AppExchange & Managed Packages

    • Provide the Org Id where you would like to enable the Environment Hub.

    • Click Create Case.

After submitting this case, a Salesforce Support Representative will contact you and will enable this feature for you.

Step 3 | Configure

After the feature has been enabled in your org, search for Environment Hub in the App Launcher.

As an administrator you already have full access to the application. If you want to give other users access to this feature, you must edit the profiles or permission sets to assign users access to specific features of the Environment Hub.

These are the permissions you need to assign to the users in order to allow access to the Environment Hub:

  • Custom App Settings – Enable “Environment Hub” Custom app to make it available in the App menu.

  • Administrative Permissions – “Manage Environment Hub” permission to set which users can enable, create and edit Member Organizations and SSO Configurations for Member Organizations.

  • General User Permissions – “Connect Organization to Environment Hub” to set which users can connect existing Organizations to “Hub Organization”.

  • Standard Object Permissions – Provide the required access permissions listed below to your users

    1. Read: Gives access to Only View Hub Member Records.

    2. Create: Does not give access to create Hub Member records. Records can be created by creating or connecting organizations.

    3. Edit: Gives access to edit fields on Hub Member Records.

    4. Delete: Gives access to Delete a Hub Connection.

    5. View All: Gives access to view all Hub Member records.

    6. Modify All: Gives access to read, edit and delete all Hub Member records.


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