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Gantt Charts

Please check out our Gantt Charts for Salesforce app on AppExchange

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We have listened to user feedback and worked diligently to meet their needs. This app offers the following features, implemented based on user feedback:

  • Lookup Filters: You can filter data by record. For example, if you want to display only tasks and deadlines for a specific project, you can select that project to filter the data.

  • Date Filter: You can adjust the date range you wish to display data for. This is fully adjustable, and the chart will automatically zoom in or out depending on the size of the date range.

  • User-Friendly Control Panel: This allows you to set up one or multiple Gantt charts without any coding, in an intuitive manner.

  • Filter Query: The data displayed in the Gantt Chart can be filtered using the query specified in this setting. Though this optional feature requires some technical expertise, it offers significant flexibility in the data displayed.

  • Exports: You can export the Gantt charts in PDF or PNG formats.

  • Permissions: Users can be granted view-only or full edit permissions for the charts. This can be configured with permission sets.

  • Multiple Charts: You are not limited to just one chart. You can create multiple charts using different objects, fields, and filters.

  • Adaptability: The chart can function independently within the Gantt Charts app, or you can add it to a record page to visualize the data related to that record in a timeline format.

Why is it free?

Because we aim to earn your trust and want you to recognize Inforge as a proficient Salesforce partner.

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We specialize in Salesforce implementations, provide managed services, and develop custom Salesforce applications. If this sounds appealing to you, please book a time below to speak with us about your next project below.

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