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Email Action Not Showing in Case Records on Salesforce

The send email action not showing up in the Case timeline is a very frequent stopper for those who want to set up Email-To-Case in Salesforce.

Here are the 5 things to check to send emails from a Case. We will discuss them in detail (and with screenshots).

  • Activate Email to Case.

  • Add action to page layout.

  • Deliverability

  • Activate Chatter Settings.

  • Enable Feed Tracking.

This post assumes you have basic Salesforce knowledge. If you don’t know what Trailhead is, you should stop here and look for a Salesforce professional to help you (like us!).

We will go from the most probable causes to the least probable causes of the Email action not showing on the Case feed.

1- Activate Email to Case

To enable Email-to-Case in Salesforce you will need to go to Setup->Email-to-Case, and from there enable it.

Once this is done, most likely the Email tab won’t show yet, then you will need to tackle step #2 - Add the action to the Case page layout.

salesforce email-to-case settings

2- Add Action to the Page Layout

Before anything, let’s clarify the Email action will only show after Email-to-Case is enabled (see step 1).

Let’s check the action is available by going to Setup->Object Manager->Case->Buttons, Links, and Actions. The Label is Email, and the name is SendEmail.

access case actions in object manager

Now we have verified the action exists, let’s go to the page layout by clicking on Case Page Layouts. From there click the page layout you would like to add the Email action to.

In the page layout, select “Mobile & Lightning Actions”. Make sure you pick the action that has the name “Case.SendEmail” and add it to the page layout.

case page layout

3- Deliverability

If you have done both of the previous steps and the Email action still isn’t showing in Cases, the Salesforce org is most likely configured to send system-only emails.

Go to Setup->Deliverability. From there make sure the Access level is All Email.

Hint: The Access Level is “All Email” by default in Production and “System Email Only” in sandbox (this is to avoid spam in sandbox environments).

salesforce email deliverability

4- Activate Chatter

Chatter being deactivated is unlikely but it’s a real reason why you can’t send emails in cases. Go to Setup->Chatter Settings and from there make sure Chatter is enabled.

salesforce chatter settings

5- Enable Feed Tracking.

Finally, if you still can’t send emails from cases in Salesforce, the last chance is that Feed Tracking has been disabled for the Case object.

Go to Setup->Feed Tracking and from there select Case. Make sure the Enable Feed Tracking checkbox is enabled.

salesforce feed tracking

If none of these suggestions have worked to make the Email action show in Cases in Salesforce then please reach out to Salesforce Support since we have covered all the scenarios we have faced in the past.


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