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Salesforce for Ed-Tech

We specialize in the ed-tech industry, with expertise in implementing technologies such as CPQ, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud for companies in the sector.

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Salesforce CPQ

We have assisted our Ed-Tech customer in implementing MDQ (Multi-Dimensional Quoting) and block pricing. It is common for the industry to have complex subscription products, and we simplify this for you by utilizing the standard Salesforce CPQ capabilities, which few consultants are adept at leveraging. We take pride in being among those who excel in this area.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementations

Maintaining a streamlined sales process within Salesforce is crucial. It's important to understand which school districts are more likely to purchase or renew your subscriptions and to identify the best products to offer them. We can supply you with clean data and automations to monitor all opportunities effectively.

Salesforce Service Cloud Implementations

We understand the support cases originating from school teachers, tutors, and parents, including the questions they pose, the guidance they require, and any software bugs they encounter. To address these, we can integrate Service Cloud with Jira.

We have helped startups and companies in the Education Technology space in the following ways:

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Working with our wonderful partners Pathful, Booknook, and Itopia has been a great experience, enabling us to help them better manage their relationships with their customers.

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We are a pool of Salesforce Consultants, Developers and Business Analysts
ready to help you

Our Specialties:

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